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dark venetianTimber Blinds

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in Cedar Blinds, Timber Blinds are an excellent alternative. The beautiful and diverse timber colours currently available provide you with a wide range from which to choose. What makes these blinds even more popular is that because they come in such an extensive selection of sizes they are suitable for most windows and we are able to cut up to 10 centimetres off each end, making them suitable for a wider range of window sizes. These blinds are available in 4 slat sizes - 25mm, 27mm, 45mm and 50mm. The widths and drops vary, commencing at 45 x 137cm, going up to 210 x 210cm.

Timber venetianPlease contact OnSite Blinds' friendly staff with your window sizes and we will gladly let you know the full range of sizes and retailers where they are available. Even if you aren't currently in one of our service areas, we will still help you. Our company is rapidly expanding, if we don't have Customer Service Personnel in your area now, we soon will.