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cedar blindsCedar Blinds

Cedar or Timber blinds are the perfect way to add warmth to a room while still allowing you a feeling of space. We find that once the blinds are installed and the slats are tilted open, the colours outside tend to flow into the room.

When selecting Cedar pre-packaged blinds you are choosing an impressive product. We recommend selecting an ungraded blind because of the distinctive colours in the wood that add character to the blind.

All readymade Cedar blinds are lacquered rather than oiled which provides a lovely finish and enables easy cleaning (in a custom-made blind lacquered finishes can almost double the cost of oiled blinds). After the blinds have been cut and installed you will also have the wonderful smell of cedar in your room.

Cedar blinds have a 45mm slat and are available in a range of sizes that start at 60cm x 137cm and go up to 210cm x 210cm.