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aluminium venetians in bathroomAluminium Blinds

The ever-reliable aluminium Venetian. Unlike the older style Venetians your grandmother may have had, the new readymade Venetians come in a sleeker, more modern 25mm slat. They are fade resistant, easy to clean and are a practical choice for wet areas.

The colour choice varies between stores but they are usually available in at least four colours. This is a reflection of the most popular blinds in the custom-made market. Most retailers stock Aluminium Venetians in White, Alabaster, Silver and Black which all have a metallic sheen to them. OnSite Blinds' staff are able to cut these blinds exactly as the manufacturer does - with a safe, slightly rounded edge.

Aluminium Venetian blinds start at 45cm x 137cm and depending on the retailer, it is possible to buy a blind up to 210cm x 210cm.